October 2010

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viviance: a firework of colors

                                                                                              viviance: a firework of colors

What Kind of Colour...It 's Just As Important As What Colour


I have been colouring hair professionally for 25 years. I believe that when it comes to hair colour it is not that different  than relationships.

You can be casual...like a free agent with no commitment, I'd call that just a glossing with no real permanance. You can be some waht committed, but still with a back door...which would be semi or demi permanent, or you can do the full Monty and go all the way wtih a 100% committment. Be careful though the this one is A LOT like marriage...way easier to get into than to get out of! 

Rarely do I colour hair permanently these days...at least not if I am making the colour darker. Colouring hair only happens two ways...either we are taking away colour molecules, (going lighter) or adding them, (going darker). That's it. In  almost all cases I only use VIVIANCE by  Schwarzkopf, and here is why :


  • personalized results with 40 intermixable shades and 6 creative mixtones
  • superior white blending up to 70%
  • high performance color pigments
  • ultimate light reflection
  • vibrant, lasting, tone-on-tone results
  • unsurpassed intensity and shine

It was Robert that convinced me that with Viviance gray coverage can be achieved without that heavy pigmented load that ends up looking like shoe polish...

(Yeah Attention ALL Brunettes BEWARE!).  At duque we suscribe to the method of coloring ones hair with one simple no-fail rule. Follow Mother Nature. You should be at your very lightest at the peak of summer and the darkest at the peak of winter, a step up in the spring and a step down in the fall. That said, when it is time to go lighter Vivance allows one to do so without damaging the fiber itself, because it fades on tone and there is no artifical pibment load to remove!

And the shine, oh baby, the shine!!!!!