We Fix Bad Hair ... and we do it by cutting hair DRY!



At duque we take an entirely different approach. Staying true to the late John Sahag method of dry cutting, we flat iron the hair first then cut it entirely dry. It allows for a tension-less, precise, sculpting of the desired shape. Hair is fluid matter, and this technique delivers the result, over and over again, on every hair type and texture!  

We treat our craft with intensity and integrity~always and in all ways. We precisely carve and sculpt the hair to frame your face and silhouette perfectly. This is a very personal and intimate experience that we treat with the utmost respect.

Our method is accomplished by cutting hair vertically, tapering the ends of the hair using shears and always following the natural grain. We highlight and emphasize the individual rather than just providing a generic frame for “the” face

That said, our hairdressers do not want to impose their style. Educating the client is the most important part of the process. Our job as hairdressers at duque is to help the client get over their fears, think outside the box, and take a chance. The bottom line is a modern cut that makes you look and feel beautiful.  We want to be your Ballard hair salon.

At duque dry cutting is the way that we re-connect you to your beauty and have you experience the impossible with your hair! 

Due to the delicate nature of our business we ask that the little ones not be brought into the salon, spa, or boutique. Thank you.

Ballard's BEST Hair Salon