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Jessica Alba Loves Chibi Jewels!


 Jessica Alba loves Chibi Jewels and so do we! Come get yours at duque salon + spa + boutique!

Makeup Trend: Bronzed Beauties


Believe it or not, its summertime in Seattle.  Whether or not you have had a chance to get out in the sun, you can - and should - rock that sun-kissed glow.  The best part is this look can go with any style whether it be boho chic or dressed up for a night out so whip out that bronze eye shadow and bronzer and glow baby glow.

Here are some of our fave products to get this look:

Hair Trend: Live life in color!



Gone is the day when blue hair meant little old lady.  Trending all over the country is rainbow colored hair. Pastel hues in blue, pink, purple and orange are being seen on glamour girls everywhere.  Not for the faint of heart, this current hair statement can be done on a permanent or temporary basis.  No longer does cotton candy colored hair belong only to the Rainbowbright Pony or the crazies of the world. They will have to find something else to set them apart…’cause any glam girl worth her weight in hairspray knows that living in colour is where it is at…at least for this fashion moment!


Kevin Murphy "Color Bug"

Fashion Trend: Layers Galor


"The more the merrier" no longer just applies to good company, but your jewelry as well.  Stacking and mixing pieces not only can create more of a variety of styles with a few select pieces but also change the statement of your look.  With a little inspiration we challenge you to dig deep into that jewelry box and start layering it up!

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