Body Treatments


Reconnect with your Pretty!

All of our feel good body treatments include a head to toe dry brushing to slough off the dead stuff and stimulate circulation, a cold stone eye therapy treatment while under oxygenated steam, and wind down with a hot towel wipe down...yummy!


Back it Up

Not just a summer service! This keeps your back crystal clear.  After all, who else is going to remove blackheads, rough spots, and unwanted hairs? Two double action deep cleansings, gentle pore purging extractions, and soothing hydrating pack.  All done under warm oxygenated steam.

45 min/$75

Body Glow

A hydrating sugar or detoxifying salt scrubbing and hot towel rub down. Yummy!

60 min/$80

Bee Sweet

This therapy is simply delicious! a warm honey drizzle, layered next with a hydrating sugar scrubbing and hot towel body press. perfect for parched skin in need of a heavy dose of hydration.

60 min/$90

Stop and Smell the Roses

This hydrating sugar-rose-oat scrub and hot towel rub down will wisk away dead skin cells, brighten and leave skin as silky as a rose petal. after this treatment your skin will be softer,healthier, and forever grateful. 

90 min/$135

Hand Foot Elbow Knee 

Special attention is shown to these easily neglected areas.  dry stuff gets sloughed off, next a super duper layer of intense moisturizing cream is massaged in and then wrapped in a hot pack.

45 min/$55

Booty Call

Do you have little blemishes or flaky, dry skin where the sun-don't-shine? "booty call" kicks serious butt with a deep pore cleansing and hydrating treatment, which will perfect your best asset!

45 min/$55